A complete suite of GNU software tools including C, C++, Fortran, Java Cross Compilers, GDB/Insight Debugger Simulator, and additional hosted utilities for embedded ARM7, ARM9, and XScale CPU applications development.



posted by mmitchel at 2/01/2004 09:51:00 AM

Original GNU Licenses for the individual packages remain unmodified; the original licenses are still applicable. This distribution is specifically compiled and collated as a collection of GNU utilities to facilitate embedded development and provide a convenient method for programmers to obtain precompiled tools for their environment.

Criteria for libraries included in this distribution is that the license governing their redistribution do not require disclosure of the remainder of the application due to the GNU License. Libraries must not have any more encumbrances than provided for by the Lesser GNU License. Copies of common open source licenses can be located at the Open Source Initiative (OSI) web site.

Sources for this distribution remain unmodified from the original release unless a bug has been identified, documented, corrected, and the results forwarded to the original GNU bug repository. The final correction or solution and possible inclusion in future GNU source releases is solely to the discretion of the original source repository maintainers. The associated PR and list information is captured as part of the creation of this distribution.